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ok so on monday i was having such a bad day i worte a list of people who if they just suddenly died i wouldn't miss them and Taylor saw it. she freaked out and told everyone in the school and exagerated it to the point where now everyone thinks i have some sort of hit list and everyones asking me if they are on it on it. so on wednesday i got called in and mr.sent george was talking to me about it and i had an emotional breakdown. he kept me in the office for the rest of the day and he siad that was my punishment. so i went to track and i was a little shakey and i said some things to daniel like i was gojng to follow him around because i dont trust him and all this because i was sucha nervous wreck. all because the day before him and jessica were flirting bad and i sobbed that night. i ran next to him on wednesday, i stretched next to him and did all in my power to keep them away from each other. then i went to church. we talked abotu Noah and obedience. and that night i was thinking about that and Amy R's verses she gave me and applied them so i called up daniel and told him about everything and apologized. all he said was ok and thanks. i asked him if he liked jessica and he said he didnt know yet. i laughed but it broke my heart. but i'm starting to feel like if he can't see behind jessica's fascade then he's a loser. ok now for today. he ddint run with her the first time at the beginign of practice then wen we were doing stretches i ran next to him and said come here nikki because i saw jessica and him were next to each other and i was NOT going to tolerate it. so then wen we were doing laps and he was racing her or w\e and the last time they were walking together and so at the end i go haha wimpy 1 and wimpy 2. and i go oh wait i mean wimpy and wimpy's boyfriedn and daniel goes "what?" and jessica puts her arm around his waist and goes you better believe it! and so i pushed her off of him and grabbed him to me and i said "i love you daniel" [jokingly] and he ran away. then afterwards nikki was in the bathroom and heard jessica say "OMG lorraine is such a B i hugged daniel to make her mad and she pushed me away" and then i was like saying this stuff out loud because i was sitting behind daniel "wow nikki i'm glad i ahve Jesus in my heart and i don't stoop to the level of cussin and calling people "B"'s like jessica green" then she sits down next to me!!!!! and goes Hey! and i go "can you get awa please?" and jack starts cracking up and i saw daniel laugh because i did not want her near me. then for the rest of practice i was sing "i am a C i am a CH i am a CHRISTIAN and i have CHRIST in my HEART and i will LIVE ETERNALLY" and spaz had never heard that song!!! i was like wat the heck spaz! so i'm thinking this is gettign really stressful for me and i should just give up on him let him date jessica and ruin his relationship with God and when he finally see's that jessica green is WAYYY BAD news he'll come crawling back to me begging to be MY friend saying i was right about her and i'm going to hug him and say "i didn't want you to learn the hard way...but i geuss we don't neccessarily want to trust everyone because we always think oursleves right. but i will give you another chance because i've always cared about you and i never wanted you to hurt badly" yep got my whole speech prepared now if that would only happen.
but as for now i want my relient k cd back daniel. i want to listen to it then pawn it.

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totally disregard last entry life sucks i hate everyone and everything except afton, sam, gracie and spaz everything sucks i want to crawl into a ball and die. why does she have to ruin my life? my life is bad enough i mean i have no dad i practically have a nazi for a mom the only person i have is my brothe i get rejected by every guy in the universe and to top it off jessica green is the biggest whore ever and daniel won't listen to me and he's killing me. daniel i am going to become such a asswhole slut that you are going to beg you never met jessica green. since you like whores sso much i cant wait for tomorrow your freakin screwed buddy. and thanks jessica for ruining my life i hate you all i hate you i hate you i hate you daniel i am so freakin comiited to you and their are so many deep feelings i have for you and you will never know if you knew how much i love you then maybe you wouldn't hurt me so bad. i've never cried like i did tonight.
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HOLA! i'm in a happy mood because i joined track! i walked into the band room and i told emily and nick was like 'did u just say you joined track?' and i said 'yeah to loose weight' and he said 'are you sure that's not the only reason?' and i was like wtheck is he talking about? and it turns out daniel is on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg CAN YOU SAY B-B-B-B-B-B-BONDING TIME? it's so cool because we talked after practioce (NOTE:AT SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL) omg everythings coming up roses!
gracie i'm maing you and afton something
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i'm almost finished watching all of the fruits basket episodes x__@ wow it's quite an adventure. they are so good though. but i am so tired i don't know why because i went to bed early and slept in. oh well.
so my dad is in europe for 3 months and it's so random and he's such an idiot he doesn't know what he's doing with his life and he isn't even a dad. i don't even consider him a dad. great, no dad and crazy woman is my mom. isn't my life just peachy??
i wrote daniel an email explaining things a little better. i was going to call him but i got so absorbed in fruits basket nothing seemed important i even only had a bowl of cereal for dinner in my room so i could watch it. WoW i'm obsessed. they added all these random episodes in from i geuss the 7th book because i haven't read any of it yet. so it's kind of cool getting a sneek peak [=
Phantom of the Opera is life <3
ahh one of my many psychotic obsessions.
Fruits Basket maranthon is still on, right?

<3 we never said our love was evergreen <3
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afton's house was really fun and i got to talk to daniel because i got to go on AIM it was really nice talking to him he was like "you haven't been on in like 2 weeks" hm. he's keeping track. it was really nice talking to him for the first time in 2 weeks. i've honestly missed him. i mean i get so nervous at school i just, can't talk to him. and do i dare call him? well he wanted to know all about the jessica green situation. i told him to call me because i had to go if he wanted me to explain it to him more but of course, he didn't. i will call him later. i also talked to ben lopez uber awesome [=
i finally got the fruits basket box set. i can't believe it. thank you mr.dude for sending it even though you refunded the money [=
i care about daniel a lot.

<3 Lorraine
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i'm at afton's house we just got back from bowling. it was uberlicious. now we are going into the hot tub\

"I wish I could date my euphonium, thatd be nice"

brandon klein is having a party that might be swinging too bad i'm going to ashley's.

hoefts aren't going to WGI that sucks egg nog.

but brad and keith are...so many stalking opportunities there.

gtg hot tubbin.

I <3 ____ [insert your name here]
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how was your day?
i'm not going to the fair.
instead i'm going to afton's party
live in texas?
i geuss so.
gosh who the flip called my phone
so hair frizzling
so i gave keith this thing to fill out
for my biopoem
keiiiith i need that..
good luck nick
do well at your game
sorry i couldn't go
i wanted to
you still love me
the sasquatch fancies himself as a cowboy
me too
except as a ballerina
lorraine fancies herself as a ballerina
hey look it's saxy.
yes saxy
i win
give me a fish
it's just
POTO steams my gopher
i should go.

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we have to write a BioPoem for English and i am doing keith. well i'm going to try. when i asked him today brad and daniel were just standing there staring at me and at lack of a better thing to say because i am so stupid i go "you guys are really tall." wow of all the things i could've said to my lover boy and his best friend that was it. and gracie kept popping out of nowhere it was amazing.
keith is amazing
daniel is even more amazing and wonderful in every way shape and form of the universe if we were dating i would say he's the best thing that ever happened to me [besides Jesus (:] but what the heck! DANIEL HOEFT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!
i said what the heck today and mr.b thought i said what the euphamism stands for which i did not what an idiot.
if you are wondering how i am typing this it is because my mom isn't home and she left the computer on, again.
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song......
me and jessica worked things out. she's not my favorite person but i don't hate her.
ok so keith is affraid of stalkers...that's all i know so far. i can put "lover of natalie" "related to brad" LoL this is gunna be suhweet.
Sam [not inguanzo] is the best friend i could ever ask for besides all my other friends LoL but he is the best. i always rave about how great sam is LoL. Sam you toast my waffles which is big because waffles are the bestest!

Love Always<3 Rainey

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